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Help finding parts for Denon AVR1804

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Looking to repurpose my old Denon AVR1804 receiver. Problem is, I had it in a cabinet where it became too warm, so I removed the cover. Long story short, I can no longer find the screws to secure the cover. I tried using the Encompass site that Denon recommends for parts, but both types of screws are discontinued. Anyone have any advice on where to find older Denon parts?

Here are the parts numbers:
Rear screws x 3: 960 0108 701 SCREW (2S 3X10 DOT BK)
Side screws x6: 963 0048 307 SCREW (2S 4X8 DOT BK)

Any help appreciated
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Screws are fairly generic, so unless you really want Denon branded screws, you should be able to find screws with that size and threading by the thousands for a couple of bucks online.

Shipping would probably cost way more than the screws themselves.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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