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I'm on Amazon looking for a pair of wireless headphones for several of my devices:


1. LG 42LN5700 42-Inch 1080p 120Hz Smart TV

2. LG 50PV450 50-Inch 1080p Plasma (this is the older tv that is hooked up to the wdtv live streaming media player. i want wireless headphone that'll work with this tv since it has no headphone jack and i also want the headphones to work with the wdtv if possible)

3. My iDevices (5s, 5c & Air)

4. My HP laptop


I need something that I can use with my iPhone/iPad, computers and our TV's in the house. I wan't be able to listen to the TV without waking up the wife. Also, I'd like to play music or listen to a podcast/news and be able to walk away from my iDevice and still be able to listen to it. Looking for something that won't cost my next month’s paycheck and something that isn't so bulky that I look ridiculous, maybe in-ear headphones?

Thanks for the help.


Edit: I almost forgot. My wife trying to be sweet bought me a pair of Sony Wireless FM Over-the-Ear Headphones from Best Buy. They are huge and the receiver, tower looking thing is huge! The receiver has to attached to the TV using the A/V cable that came with it. My TV upstairs had a headphone jack, but my downstairs TV doesn't so I couldn't figure out how to install it. Also, I have a WDTV Live streaming media player downstairs, I saw an AV out slot on the back of it. I tried plugging the A/V cord that came with the headphone into it, only the left headphone speak would work, the right just played static. If I removed the right jack wire the static went away but I could only hear the TV from the left speaker. Anyways, am I suppose to plug this thing in my iPad, lol? I wanted smaller headphones, something that in-the-ear, can I eliminate the receiver and all the wires? I also need something where 2 people could use wireless headphones at the same time watching the same show from the same TV? And if possible, I don't know if this can even happen, say I'm using a pair to watch TV and my son is using the other pair to watch a cartoon show on his iPad at the same time? I don't know if you can buy a box that comes with 2 wireless headphones that can be used for the same or separate devices but at the same time? It 5am sorry if that didn't make sense lol, I'm rambling.
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