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Need some help in deciding what sub to order.

My choices from extensive reading are,

1) Rythmik F12


I have picked the above two for footprint preference.

Sub will be used for 100% HT and I am presently using two REL Storm III subs. Cabinet size is 16.5" W x 24.5" H x 13" D with a 10" Driver and 3" port downfiring. Amp is a 150 W to 300W peak and I originally bought these many years ago to augment 2 channel speakers.

As you can see in the attached picture I have the REL's co-located in the back corner behind the couch (One in picture but second one there now). TV is at the other end on the short wall and the couch runs down the long wall. No possibility of change at the front short wall.

Not getting the slam from the REL's that I desire so I would like to try one sub. I am very limited where to put the sub and what you see in the picture is the best I can do. Room is extensively trapped with ASC Tube Traps.

Sealed room with one doorway is 22' L x 13' W x 10' H which equals 2,860 cubic feet.

The sub could fire at the end of the couch or across the room. I have space in this back corner to orientate either way by moving some items.

Looking for a small footprint and I should mention that I need to lug it up a flight of stairs.

I shudder at getting my two choices below upstairs and the loss of real estate but they are,

1) Rythmik F15


Have also read great things about Elemental Designs but the wait times appear to be very long right now.

Any ideas or am I asking the impossible,

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