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Hello All,

I am kinda new to setting up my AV Receiver with my computer and I am having some issues.

I am connecting my Computer via Analog (3 inputs for a 5.1) to my old Yamaha HTR 5750 [ http://usa.yamaha.com/products/audio-visual/av-receivers-amps/htr/htr-5750_silver__u/?mode=model ] with Yamaha 6.1 Surround System.

Note: My computer does not have any other audio outputs. No SPDIF. But I do have a HDMI ( But my receiver does not have a HDMI input)

I am connecting using 3 Y Splitter Cables ( 3.5mm to RCA ) - 1 for the Front Channel, 1 for the Rear Surround and 1 for the Center/Sub. All these are connected to the multichannel input in the AV Receiver.

I am sure all the connections are matched perfectly.

Here's my issue:

1. When I'm playing a movie DVD with proper 5.1 outputs, the sound is channelized beautifully and is very neat. However, the rear surround speakers have a very low volume. Why would this be ? How would I fix it ?

2. When I am playing a stereo file(Video or mp3), the audio is directed only to the Front Left and Front Right Speakers ( I know this is how it should be), but how do I use a Subwoofer to also work in this setup ? I also noticed that if I removed one 3.5 mm (Rear or Front), the subwoofer activates. Why is this so ? Is there anyway for me to use the sub along with the Front channels during stereo playback ?

Note: Also in my speaker configuration on my IDT Control Panel all speakers are listed to be "Small" and Freq Response for the Sub is at 80.

3. Is there any other way I can make this whole setup work ?

Thanks for any help !! I look forward and rely on it !!

Cheers !
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