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hi, im new here. I'm 16 and my dad gave me all of his speakers and a woofer from his old bachelor pad. im setting it up and I need some help. Im trying to keep it simple so I have

2- ENERGY 22 inch floor speakers

1- B&W ASW300 subwoofer

and a Pioneer VSX-D309 reciever

My real problem is with the sub, I tryed hooking it up with a subwoofer cable, but It didnt work. So I have it hooked up with some speaker wire into the reciever. However im not sure if this is bad. thanks for the help

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- Make sure you haven't accidentally connected the sub cable to the "SUBWOOFER" input jack on the AVR. It should be connected to the "SUBWOOFER PREOUT" jack. (See page 12 of the owner's manual (PDF).) This sort of mix-up has been known to happen.

- In the speaker set-up menu, make sure that all your speakers are set to "SMALL". This will also force the SUBWOOFER setting to "ON", if it isn't there already. (It should be - the default is "ON".) (See pgs. 15 and 16 in the manual.)


- Connect the sub cable to the left "LINE IN" jack on the back of the sub (as per the owner's manual ).

- Set the "LOW-PASS FILTER" switch to "OUT". This will disable the LPF ("crossover") on the sub (which is fine, since the AVR will be handling it).

- If the "MODE" switch is set to "AUTO", it's possible that the sub isn't getting enough signal from the AVR to trigger it on. Try setting the switch to "ON".

- Set the volume on the sub to the "noon" position (to start).
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