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I have relied on my husband for so many years and he is not able to help us in his medical state now, so I am relying on the geek community that he trusted so much (well he was one of them)

Ok I bought a Panasonic TC-P42S60 42-Inch 1080p 600Hz Plasma HDTV I live in south mpls near Nokomis. I am a stream family only, I have smart tv's so most of the stream stuff is already on one of the tv's and the other one I have a roku on it as well, so for my own purpose I feel I have cable, since I can get so many premium shows just not in real time.

Ok, real time tv. I know I can get this! I need an antenna is all. I am in a rental so I can't put things on the roof or in an attic. So instead, I should rely on a plug antenna.

What is my best bet? Price is important.
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