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HELP! for video capture and the rest!!!

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Hey all,

I'm having a colleague build me an ideal PC for backing up SVHS and laserdiscs. The big questions he had for me are the following:

1) Hard Drive???

He wonders if I should get an ATA133 or a Scuzzie Interface. Anyone?

2) Video Capture Card

From what I've read here, I should go with the Flyvideo2002/2003 since I can't really afford the Holo3d. Yes? Must have S-video in obviously

3) Audio Card

I'd like something with "Digital In" because I have a DAT that I will sometimes hook up to it. Any thoughts?

Please let me know your thoughts.
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1. Seagate Barracuda IV or V series. Good performance and essentially silent.

2. Flyvideo 2000. Of the low cost cards, it probably provides the cleanest input

3. I'll defer this to one of the audio guru's.
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