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I recently purchased a home that was built in 2000 with in-wall speakers in the family room. I haven't been able to locate any manuals on the setup. There are 2 speakers in the ceiling in front. 2 speakers in the ceiling in back, and one speaker low in the wall and on one side in the back. I don't know if this is a 2/3 configuration or a 2/2.1 configuration.

There are jacks for 4 speakers, not 5, and they only seem to drive the speakers in the ceiling. I have a Sony STR-DH720 plugged in, and have tried the auto-configuration and manually configuring as both 2/3 and 2/2.1 but haven't been able to get any sound from the 5th speaker. However, there are many more options on the receiver and possible permutations for plugging in the speakers than I've been able to try.


What is the 5th speaker?

How would it be getting a signal (I assume it somehow piggy backs off one of the other connections)?

How do I set-up my system to drive it?

Thanks for any help,

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