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HELP: Ghosting/Low Quality Image

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I just setup my HTPC and my Projector last night and im getting ghosting issues.

I can see the lines running up my screens, its faint at times, but i can see them crawl up the screen.

Another issue is on my current setup the image quality I get from my cable feed/when i play a downloaded tv show its not as good either. Im using digital cable and it looks 10x better if I run the Set Top Box straight to my tv and skipping the HTPC.

Currently I have the cable running through a set top box via coax, to my Hauppage 150 through the coax.

I am outputting the video through VGA for the time being through my Geforce 6600.
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might help to know a few details.

1) projector

2) cable run length

3) type of cable - vga, dvi, hdmi

4) program you watch "tv" through - MCE, beyondTV etc

Depend on your software and you STB - I would run s-video to your Hauppage 150.
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your 6600 does component right? If your tv does that would be optimal. If not you can get a s-video output cable super cheap. Even long runs are inexpensive. I've always been happy with a website monoprice.com. They have stuff so cheap I can't believe it. I've bought adapters pc and av cables.
I had the same problem with my 150. I believe that it is a known issue. Try to update the driver to this beta version. It seems to have fixed my problem.
I know im bumping an old thread but ive been scratching my head over this one when looking at your comments.

Well when I run the VGA from my laptop straight to my Projector (infocu sp4800) I get no ghosting/vertical lines running.

now when I run the VGA from the projector to my HTPC it happens. Its albeit faint now, and it happens cable TV and stuff I have downloaded and I want to play.

I currently use WMC to do everything.
The lines are from a ground loop. Theres a sticky at the top of the "tweaks" forum, I beleive.
If you use S-Video from your STB instead of Coax you will also get much better PQ.
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