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Hello Everyone, I'm reasonably new to this, so I was hoping to get some help. My current setup is as follows:

Gigabyte GA-73PVM-SH2

Intel E6300


Harmon Kardon AVR 354

Samsung LNT-5271

Windows Vista Ultimate

The current connection is made via HDMI output from the PC to the Receiver. I've also tried optical out to the receiver, also to problems. I currently can output DD5.1 and stereo just fine, but I cannot output audio for DTS5.1 tracts. I frequently have problems with files that are VC1/WMV formats. When I play a file that uses DD5.1, and hit the info button on the AVR, it tells me "Audio Format from Source: Dolby Digital". When I play a file that is labeled as DTS, the AVR tells me ":pCM".

Am I doing something wrong, or configuring something wrong? I've tried many settings, but just seem to make things worse. Can someone teach me how to set things right? When I go into Vista settings, I've selecting and unselecting a number of the options in the "Sound" configuration in Control Panel, as well as the Realtek Configuration utility. Does anyone have this board, and can perhaps tell me is it's possible to output anything more than DD5.1.

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Have you checked the box next to "DTS" in the Sound dialog box? Can you hear the test DTS sounds?
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