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Help! Green Line problem when viewing HD...

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I just recently got Verizon FIOS HD service installed (I live in Keller, TX) and I am seeing a thin green line vertically along the right side of my screen. Does anyone know what's causing this, or what I can do about it?
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Brand of TV? What make and model STB? How is it hooked up?
My TV is a Phillips 42PF7320A/37. The STB is a Motorola QIP6200/6400 Series & it's hooked up via HDMI. When I connect using regular cable, there is no line. Also, all SD channels are fine either way.

The green line appears on all the HD channels.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!
Found this in the Flat Panel forum, good news is it's not a problem with your TV.

Thanks for the link, great info over there...
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