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Help: HDTV Wonder won't install properly.

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Alright, I'm trying to install my HDTV wonder card which i bought from buycom(85 after rebate) When i run the software installation, at the ati decoder portion it says: component already installed .. blah blah

and with the ATi multimedia console install it says: 1638: failed to complete installation

I've already tried uninstalling and purging all ati files from the pc and then reinstalling, but the same errors keep appearing. any advice would be appreciated.

Rig: Dell dimension 8400

v-card: Radeon x300se OEM

s-card: Audigy 2

proc: Pentium 4 3.2ghz ht

os: win xp sp2

capture card: hdtv wonder (ati)

1gb ram

300 gb WD hd

160 gb seagate
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If you haven't found it yet, someone put together a really good summary of installing, use, workarounds, etc for this card. I can't post a link yet, just search the forum for "ati hdtv wonder faq". It helped me immensely. There were a couple of counter-intuitive aspects to the installation. The two that stick out were that you need .net installed and you need to install the card after some of the drivers. There's also a more active thread going on now, but it's more about current users commiserating about how flaky the MMC app is. You can usually find that one on the first couple of pages of the forum. Hope this helps. Good luck.
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