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I have pink/purple spots on my projector, which are espically noticible when projecting a white screen. The are of a rather large size and Im not sure if its just dust. Can somone give me some tips to clean this beast? It's an Eiki LC-SVGA 860. Should I buy the service manual, will that have a solution?


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....what a name....Sounds like you have dust particles on your green panel. (green pixels are blocked by dust, only red and blue reaching the screen -> purple spots)

Try to change the focus and you will see them clearly!


If you feel uneasy by opening the projector case, bring it to service and let them clean it.

If you want to safe money and are technical skilled, then do the following:

Open the case and locate the panels (3 of them). Use a can of compressed air (used to clean optical devices) and blow the dust very carefully off the panels. You can also remove them and clean with optical cleaning paper (used for lenses).

IMPORTANT: Never touch the panel surface or the connectors with your fingers. If possible use an antistatic working place.

I don't know your projector, but maybe someone on this board can give you more information on this device you have.

Hope that helped


Happy viewing


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mike thanks for your help witht his i finally got a duser can and lens paper, is it the lens where the lamp bulb is, i cleaned this to no avail, everything else is hard to get to. also i have this weird thing i call a snail trail that is messed up the imag like a little tear, do you know what this is?

anyone help me find the proper lens or solution id be very happy
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