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Help!! Home Theatre schematics specialist needed!

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I'm a relative newbie to home theatre with some high-end (if you consider Pioneer Elite high-end) equipment trying to get the most out of it and I need help with a project I would like to do:

I have the Pioneer Elite PRO-610 HD-TV along with the Elite 37TX receiver and the Elite DV-C36 dvd changer. The system is setup already for watching dvd's and I'm now considering purchasing a HD satellite receiver (which one?) and a PVR (TiVo or UltimateTV) in the very near future as well as a dvd-recorder when prices drop.

Can someone help me with the best way to hook the soon-to-be-purchased equipment up to get the best quality out of each unit?


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Typically, you will get the best signal by running all video direct to the tv.

You can also run the video into the receiver and then run a single cable (s video or component depending on your receivers capabilities) to the tv. This will minimize switching inputs on the tv when changing video sources.

I run s video's to my receiver from my tivo and dvd player and then a single s video from my receiver to the tv.

I also run a component video cable from my progressive scan DVD player direct to the tv so I can switch to progressive scan.

The DVD player is, in essence, hooked up with 2 connections. This ensures that if someone else is using it, they will get a picture without changing inputs on the tv.

More than likely, an HD box cannot route through your receiver and will have to go direct to the tv.

Hope that helps.
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