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Help: HT basic sizing + display device

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Dear all, I'm doing small HT setup for me + family and I went all around the forum, searching for answers for basic questions: output display type and sizing... It's a dark room, down in cellar.

To the display: I have 1080p or other HD input source (movies).

Only time-to-time WII gaming is considered as lower res source. Around $1200-1500.

Actually, browsing around, I've decided for 50" Plasma for my room size. I've considered also full HD projector, but seems to be too large image for this small space. Am I right here?

To the sizing/placement:

I do consider to place the screen about 2.5m (100inch) in front of me, like on the picture below. On the picture, the 50" seems a little small comparing to what I could get with projector and makes me still thinking about 'bigger = better' but not sure :-(

What do you think, is 50" ok, or go for a projector for this kind of room/space.

Thanks a lot


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Your questions very subjective.

My Opinion - if you want to watch television that's okay. If you want a true Theater in the Home/Larger than Life experience then get a projector and screen.

That 50in TV you are considering is not capable of a Theater experience - our 56in TV is not capable of a Theater experience. Our opinion, NO tv on the market today capable of delivering a Theater experience.

If I do the math right your room is about 18 1/2 ft. long.

If you did a simple shelf projector mount (as we did) your throw allowing room for PJ and cables would be approx. 17 ft and depending on the projector a zoom/throw flexibility you should be able to fill a 100 inch screen with a nice even larger image diagonal.

Then you can move the seating back a bit and achieve a good two rows of seating Theater configuration.

We love our tv for tv watching but when the lights go dim and the Theater sized screen lights up then Theater in the Home occurs!!

You've got what looks like a very good room for even both TV and Theater if you care to have both options.

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