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Help! I don't know what happened?!

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Has anyone had trouble connecting a Panny RP-56 component out to their receiver "component in" inputs? Specifically, no video out!?

I just picked up an RP-56 to replace my JVC DVD player. I disconnected the component cable from the back of the JVC DVD and connected it to the RP-56. I swapped the audio cable then turned everything on. Simple right? Well, I put in a DVD and expected to see a glorious image beaming from my LT150. But I got nothing but audio. Hmmm. Tried "auto source select" on the LT150. Nothing. Double and triple checked everything. Nothing.

Then I swapped it all back to my old JVC DVD player. Ack! No video! What the f_ _ _ ! To keep a long cable swapping story short... I narrowed it down to one of the two "component video in" inputs is broken. The other is fine. I can cable swap from input1 to input2 and see that input1 just doesn't work.

So anyone have any ideas on what could've happened? The receiver is a less than year old JVC RX-8010VBK and has been working fine until now. Is there something weird about the Panny? And I've got company coming this weekend for a week!

This really blows... :mad:


ps. wasn't sure if this was the place to post but I remember seeing a lot of rp-56 posts here in the past.
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If your PJ has an option to nuke all the settings and reset all options/input settings, you can start there (i.e. try to do a full software reset).
The LT150 doesn't have component inputs, so you must be talking about the connectors on your receiver?

How does the video make its way from the receiver to your LT150? Are you sure your receiver can downconvert from component to whatever you are using?
I connected both my old JVC and the panny directly to the LT150 and everything worked fine. It was just when I went through the receiver. You think a software reset will affect the reciever?
The JVC connects to the LT150 via a component breakout cable.
Oh... if the receiver can be reset then that's always a good starting point irregardless. Especially with new ones with all the DSP finnangling, sometimes they just need a good swift kick.

So, see if you can reset the receiver's software/restore the default firmware/etc.
Is there a setup menu in your receiver that defines which component input goes to the source selction you've made? IE, do you have to assign Input 1 or Input 2 to go with the DVD source selection?
Did the center conductor of the jack on the receiver get pushed out? I've had this happen to a vga connector pin and RF connector, guess it could happen on an rca plug... like the center conductor of the cable caught on the center conductor in the connector and pushed it in - then it would work as long as they were touching, but you prolly pulled it a little when hookin up new player and broke the connection.

If so, and the center conductor is now too far in to make contact, you may be able to kluge it by stuffing a little of aluminum foil in there... otherwise you gotta take it apart to see if you can get to the connector to replace it. Or have a repair shop look at it :)

I also had this happen to the center conductor of the rf-jack on a Panny VCR. A cable with too long a center conductor was jammed onto it... I tried to take it apart but could not get near the connector without destroying the vcr, so learned to live without the rf jack.

My exp with JVC vcr's is they are built poorly, like screws loosten and fall out (see if it rattles). Presumably their higher end stuff is better? At least a receiver has few if any moving parts...
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Wildfire, I'll check to see if I can reset the receiver settings.

Eric, It does have that setting but it was already set for DVD with my old one. I just swapped players. I did double check that though.

Newtbert, what are the odds of that happening to all three cables of the component feed? I mean, even if one connector got messed up I would still see a picture albeit in strange hues. No? I didnt' check that but I will tonight.

I guess the good thing is it's still under warranty and there's a place nearby in West Hartford that is a JVC service center. But the timing sucks...

Thanks all for your suggestions!
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