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help.. i need a TV with DVI/VGA input for <$1,300

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Hi people, im after a TV that is under $1,300 with VGA and or DVI input. So can people recommend me brands and models and keep in mind my budget is only $1,300 =)

oh i have one question, the main reason why i want VGA/DVI input is to plug my PC into it to watch divx's etc.. by plugging it through those plugs will the quality of the picture be alot better than using the s-video cable??

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Keep in mind that there's more than just connections to worry about. You need to make sure that your PC's graphics card and the TV you are looking at support the same resolutions. If your PC sends the TV a resolution it can't support ... you're not going to get any picture.
i see, im planning to get a 9800 pro, i won't have problems with that card right??

what is the best resolution on these types of tv's??
Oh yah, you may want to check out the HTPC forum if you are specifically looking at PC connectivity issues:

yeh i want to plug my PC to TV directly via VGA or DVI cable =)

ok ill check that out..

but yeh.. do you know any TV's around for under $1,300 that have DVI/VGA input ?? =)
This all depends on your requirements for size and other features.

As for 4:3 32" (ones that I have been looking into :D )...

[alphabetical order]

Panasonic 32HL43

Philips 32PT830H

Philips 32PT8320

Sony 32HS500

Sony 32HS510

Sony 32HS600

Toshiba 32HF73

Zenith C32V22

Zenith C32V23

Zenith C32V28

Zenith C32V36

Those should all be around $1,300 or lower, and all have either 15-pin RGB (aka "VGA") or DVI. I could have missed a few, as those were all just off of the top of my head. ;)

You'll definitely probably want to take a look at the HTPC forum here, especially the Powerstrip timings FAQ thread.

Also, if you are ONLY going to be using this set with a PC, you may consider one of the monitors that are actually built for this stuff, I.E. a Monivision or Princeton Arcadia series.

Maybe even this:

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wow that list is great! thank you so much!!

ill be checking each one of them listed tvs out hehe

well ill be wanting to watch dvd's and probabally buy a digital set top box for it, but i want the PC connectivity to be the best quality i can afford =)

i've had a rough read through the HTPC forum.. and all i gotta say is i got alot to go through!! lol..
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