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I am in the process of finishing my basement. I have a Panasonic 54S1 plasma. A couple years ago I bought a HTIB by Onkyo, SR800, something like that. The amp, I believe is a SR550. I like the amp, and I know the speakers are not the greatest. Since I will be moving my home entertainment area to the basement, I figure now is the time to get new speakers.

My room is 12x25, with 7 foot drop ceiling. The plasma will be mounted in the center of the 12' wall. I like big sound for movies, music, and gaming, especially Rock Band and Guitar Hero stuff.

I would like a set of fronts that I can mount on the wall around the tv.

I know there is a different forum for the subs, but I need one of those too.

I was looking at the Klipsch SL, and the Klipsch Sub-12. Would these work well with my setup? If there is something else I should look at, please send suggestions my way. I would like to stay under $800 if possible.

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