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Help!. I need Samsung T151 Pronto and Firmware

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I just got the openbox Samsung 151, no remote no manual. ($130) I have a pronto 1000, and I only found 150 remote commands on www.remotecentral.com I downloaded that and everything works but signal strength and the menu arrows(navigation arrows) If anyone has a CCF for the 151 I would love a copy. Also I know there is the manual out there in PDF format but I cannot find it. Last but not least, I believe there is a firmware update for this model and would like to acquire a copy of that also.

Thanks for you help guys.

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Someone has this info, I searched but the forum but cannot find it.
I have a 151 and a Pronto Neo. I know (with 3rd party programs) you can convert Pronto codes to Neo codes, but I don't know if you can go the other way.

It looks like the Pronto2Neo code converter works the other way as well, so I think I can get the codes you need. Let me know which buttons you need (if more than you listed above), and I can convert the codes and save them in a CCF.

The manual for the 151 is here . I don't know of any firmware update.
Thanks Kevin! I would like the Power button, Signal strength, the arrows and enter button other than that, I am not sure what is on the menu.
Okay, some bad news. The Pronto code generated by the spreadsheet from the Neo code looks nothing like codes already in a CCF I was trying to modify. When viewing a code in ProntoEdit, it looks like 0001 003E 0020, etc., and the spreadsheet gave me a code like 1A 3F 02, etc. I'll keep looking for a different converter. :(
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