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Help ID this amp(?)

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My parents just moved into a new home that has speakers preinstalled in most rooms. But they left no AV equipment other than the attached item.

I purchased them an Onkyo TX-NR626 7.2. Is it as simple as sending zone 2 to this device to power the speakers through out the rest of the home? It looks like it has its own power source so I'm a little concerned i could break something.

Bonus points if you can tell me the make and model.


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Your gonna need a Multi Zone amp to power multiple sets of stereo speakers in seperate rooms! The onkyo can power a 2nd Zone, but not 3 or 4!;)

Not sure if the pick is of a speaker selector or distribution block or volume controll of some sort...
That is exactly what that is. The input is at the top of the board which should connect to the Zone 2 output of the receiver and is distributed to the speakers around the house. Looks like it can handle up to 10 sets of speakers. since it is an unkown I would connect a old receiver of some sort to test it with.
What does the front of it look like.

Its mounted to the wall, behind the entertainment center. I considered taking it off but it would be quite the challenge.

More info, the wire coming in from the right side of the picture ends where the receiver would sit, the other 4 or 5 wires tuck into the wall, and probably lead to the other rooms.

I'm fairly certain of this, what I'm not certain of is whether there is any power concerns I need to have. I'd hate to hook up a brand no receiver and toast that or toast that board.
Also, each additional room with speakers has a knob to control on/off and volume.
The 626 isn't designed to power that many speakers, so you would connect the 626 Zone 2 pre-outs to another amp which would in turn be connected to the speaker selector.
Does the device not have a built in amp?
I ask out of curiosity, is their any connections to a wall power outlet.
I can trace the purple wires, which all lead to speakers or the lead from where the AV receiver would be. All the other wires tuck behind the wall and I can not follow them. I assume they are powering an on board amp, but without any knowledge of the model I'm hesitant to connect it.
Thanx for filling in the blanks Ray. I see no reason not to test it out, surely you can procure a old receiver if you are fearful.
Here's what I see:

Thanks so much for the clarification. So if I understand it correctly, the transformer should handle any power mismatch?

I wish I had a spare receiver to test with, but I flew into to help my parents move in and they did not have one before.
The transformer makes the amplifier see a load equal to one speaker, while dividing the power among five speakers.

It should handle the impedance mismatch of what the amplifier is rated to deliver power to (one speaker) vs the five paralleled speakers that are attached.

1/5th of the power output by the amplifier is available to each speaker.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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