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I have a console with a hidden raising screen similar to the Elite Screen Raptor series, but I haven?t been able to identify it. I bought the setup with my house and have been gradually upgrading the setup.

The console has two Infinity Reference Series speakers mounted in it and has a recessed area behind one of them for an Infinity Refrence Series subwoofer, which I also have.

The visible area on the screen is 80 inches wide and currently raises high enough for a 16:9 aspect ratio, though the white area of the screen extends further down, so if it were raised higher, it could accommodate taller aspect ratios.

I don?t use the built in speakers, as they?re too low to the ground for the second row of my setup to get a direct line of sound from them. I replaced the foam in one and the ribbon tweeted in the other, so they sound fantastic.

At this point, I only use it for a screen and storage console and have been considering getting a 135inch fixed frame screen. I?d like help identifying it as well as help with determining its value (as long as that?s not a violation of forum rules), as I haven?t been able to identify what I?ve got or find anything similar on the second hand market.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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