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Hi Folks,

I am looking to replace my Panasonic XR-50 Receiver.

My display unit is a Sony KDS-60A3000.

My connected devices are:

- XBox 360 for games via HDMI and Optical

- Wii for games via Component and Stereo

- Motorola HD STB via HDMI for Video and COAX fr digital audio

- HTPC running Vista MC for Blu Ray, SD-DVD, Divx, H.264, Music, Photos and PC games

----- HTPC has 2 x GeForce 9600 GT in SLI connected to display via HDMI and an Auzentech Prelude 7.1 sound card via discrete analog for gaming and SPDIF for other audio. I will upgrade to an HDMI connection when (if?) the HDMI daughter card ships

- Airfoil Speakers client for network music zone distribution

- has a 5.1 speaker setup, Paradigm speakers (bookshelfs) and a Velodyne sub

I have a Harmony remote (and love it) so "macro" switching is already working well for me (activity based remote scripts).

I do not anticipate using a 7.1 speaker setup as the current layout of the TV viewing room does not lend itself to a 7.1 setup.

I also have a NAS unit that the Media Center PC access for store media content.

I watch some SD DVD still, but increasingly am watching BluRay.

I watch some SD TV, but will generally watch HD whenever available, tho the wife and kids will watch a lot of SD.


In the future I will probably:

- run FFDShow on the HTPC for video processing of SD DVD signals and other software video formats played back on the HTPC (Divx, H.264)

- consider adding TV recording and playback capabilities to the HTPC if / when a reliable and robust solution is available that allows use of the HTPC as an HD PVR

- consider replacing the Motorola STB with a TiVo when dual tuner HD TiVo becomes available in my region (west coast of Canada)


What I think I need in a receiver:

- good sound quality

- Dolby True HD



- legacy digital format support

What I don't think I need:

- I don't think I need a whole lot of HDMI inputs and a single HDMI output. I have 3 HDMI inputs on the TV already, so additional ones could be handy, but not critical. I will lose some of the "per input" video processing capabilities on my Sony display unit if I go to a single HDMI input. While the Video processing on the Sony TV is considered weak for SD signals, I find the flexibility of distinct settings per input to be useful.

- I don't think I need much in the way of multi zone support. While I have a need for this, I have multi zone working fairly well with a little app called "Airfoil". This allows me to have an computer and connected speakers on the network act as another zone. Currently I have 2 indoor and 2 outdoor zones with this setup (my current receiver is only 1 of those 2 indoor zones).

What I am not sure if I need:

- I don't know if the video processing capabilities of an AVR are going to be worth the money. I would likely not use these capabilities in the Onkyo 606 (based on reviews and research) and would only use them if I opt to go for an 875 (because of the 1080p capable Reon chip). But is that really worth the extra $500? Ultimately the AVR video processing would really only apply to SD channels coming from the Motorola STB.


Receivers I am evaluating:

Quite simply I could say it's a toss up between an Onkyo 606 and an Onkyo 875.

Really the only reason I would look into an 875 is for the Reon Video processing chip.I don't see much else about that receiver that would make it worth the money over the 606.

If there are other receivers I should be evaluating any suggestions are much appreciated.

I have considered looking a tthe new Denons. However, I must say that the Onkyo receivers are an incredible value (I can get a 606 shipped for $450; the 875 would be $1000).

Thanks for reading. Any input much appreciated.


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You may need to focus your post a bit to get more responses

The main points I got are -

* You don't really care about video processing on an AVR

* You don't care about HDMI inputs

You WILL want to run your Blu-ray player into your AVR to get lossless audio. If you want to ALSO run video directly to your TV, you may need to buy an HDMI splitter of some sort. I personally find running all my video through my AVR to be the simplest route. I have all HDMI sources now.

I love my Tivo's, I have two of them. Hopefully Tivo will become available to you.

I don't know much about the Onkyo's you are considering. There are plenty of threads on them though.

I agree with your assessment of AVR video processing. I am not convinced it's worth much time or thought. Crappy looking cable is not going to get fixed by an AVR's VP, and better sources don't really need it. A DVD player with a proven deinterlacer may make sense, if only to ensure proper deinterlacing.

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hehe thanks for the tip.. re: focus

Sorta thinking out loud with the post


Is an Onkyo 875 worth the $600 more than the Onkyo 606?

-- really only getting video processing and THX Ultra 2 certification

Are there other AVRs I should consider along with the Onkyo 606 and 875?


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