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I remodeled the kitchen and put in an Infinity ERS HV250 above the new french doors with a niles volume control. Just fit! So I got rid of the speakers that were on top of the cabinets and cleaned up the look. This was a custom job and no other speaker will fit now.

Without the volume control it sounds cheap, with the volume control connected it sounds like an alarm clock radio. To check the feed I connected one of my polk atrium outdoor speakers and it rocked the house!

I asked a friend (10 year a/v tech)if my enclosure was to tight. Behind the speaker is a small space surrounded with insulation. He thought that it should be fine and that it should be made to sound good enclosed.


12 guage wire 20 feet long

150 watts of clean power to speaker

Infinity ERS HV250

» frequency response 45-22,000 Hz (±3dB)

» 3/4" C.M.M.D. tweeter

» dual 5" C.M.M.D. woofers

» handles up to 125 watts

» sensitivity 89 dB

» 8-ohm impedance

» acoustical waveguide for wide sound dispersion

» paintable speaker grille

» cutout: 6-3/16"W x 13-15/16"H (for vertical placement)

» mounting depth: 3-7/16"

» warranty: 5 years

Do I try another speaker or just close up the hole and try a ceiling speaker.


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Stupid question, but did you paint the grill and block some of the holes with paint?

Also, have you tried pulling the speaker out of the wall cavity and checking the sound again?
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