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Ok, my mom just bought a used 04 Nissan Murano. It came with an Audiovox DVD player, and 2 headrest monitors. The problem... none of it was hooked up, and I have no experience with this sort of thing. The dealer really should have installed it for us, but we needed a car for her that day, so we didn't fight much. I suppose I can make them install it, but it's become a bit personal now.

The monitor cables go through the bottom of the headrests metal prong, and feed through the seat. Thing is, I cannot find where their supposed to feed out to!
I've been under the seats with a flashlight, and cannot see the wire, or a hole it might come from... also there is a red/white/yellow video input on the back of the cars console... I have NO idea what thats for. The DVD player has that output, as well as monitor 1 and 2. Do the monitors draw their power though the DVD player? As they have no other wire hook up. Also, the DVD player isn't mounted, so I'm not sure where to put it. I thought about vertically mounting it on the inside of the center console since a power output is in there, however I'm not sure if the player will work right like that. Not to mention I'd have to feed the monitor cables in there, and don't wanna cut the car up.

And DVD player didn't come with a power wire, so I gotta figure that out. Dunno if the prick even works at the moment. We've got a road trip planned next month, so this is driving me bonkers.

If anyone has any advice, it's much appreciated!
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