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Help! LED DLP to Larger DLP with Lamp

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Hi all! I have read these forums for years but just recently registered. I currently have a 67A750 Samsung LED DLP from 2008. It was the last and greatest Samsung had to offer. But it simply is not big enough for my home theatre room.

I've looked into Mitsubishi's line of DLP's because they are the most cost effective and am looking at either the 73" or 82" lines. The 2010 and 2011 models have me a bit confused and the fact they all use lamps have me worried. Will my upgrade in size downgrade the actual quality of the unit in comparison to my Samsung?

Does anyone have recommendations from personal experience? I would probably choose the 82738 over the 82838 because of the difference in price but will the TV impress me even though I've used a lamp-less LED DLP for 3 years?

Any help is appreciated and I have read many different posts I was just being selfish and hoping someone could direct their knowledge towards me specifically


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I'm sure that I'll get flamed for replying to my own topic, but surely someone has some insight or advice? Thanks
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Patience. People have lives, and other threads in which to contribute.

My advice is that you will like it.

I was never a fan of Samsung's LED DLPs, but that aside, we're talking size here. Size trumps everything. I had a 57" and immediately (within a week) wished I had sprung for a 65". I now have the 65" and wished I had sprung for the 73". My son has a 73" and wishes he'd gotten the 82". He is now eyeing the 92", and only time will tell if he pulls the trigger.

We both have had no problems with our existing TVs, and it is that fact that keeps us from upgrading. We know the difference between needing and wanting something. We have what we need (a quality, working, TV), we just want bigger.

Get the biggest you can afford.
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As you may know, Mits also makes laser-based DLPs. But they are quite pricey. Pic quality appears to be about the same for all of their DLP's, regardless of light source. I am happy with my lamp-based Mits, even if it's only 65".
Thanks! That advice was actually exactly what I needed to hear. Gonna go 82 regardless of model, bigger is better. Never regret going too big
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