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HELP, LG RU-42PZ61 or 50PZ61 owners...

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Hey guys,

I purchased an LG RU-42PZ61 a little over a month ago from CC. Lately, over the last week or so, there have been some image retention problems and was wondering if anyone else with a 42PZ61 or 50PZ61 is seeing the same.

Symswrx posted a while back that his friend with the 42PZ61 was having image retention problems, when a bright white or yellow object, such as the menu would appear to "ghost" or the bright image will be retained when the picture switches from a bright object in a scene to a very dark scene. In response, I posted that he should just turn down the contrast/calibrate the plasma as I was seeing a little of this and thought it was normal.

Now, the ghosting or image retention is very noticeable on my plasma even having been calibrated with the AVIA DVD. If there is a very bright object in a scene, and the scene then turns to a very dim scene, a ghost of the image can be faintly seen. With bright or colorful HD content it is obviously not noticeable, and when the dark scene transitions to a bright scene, the image retention is "reset"

-Also, on very dark scenes, a very dark blue pattern is near the top of the screen and in the middle.

-I currently have Comcast HD with a SA 8000HD and a Panny S97. The HD is using component and the Panny is connected with an HDMI to DVI cable.

-I have calibrated my plasma with the AVIA DVD before and after I noticed the image retention problems.

-Also, it seems as though the image retention is less dramatic through DVI than component. I will swap component cables tonight, but it seems it has more to do with the plasma than cabling.

-At the time I started seeing the image retention, it was after I had started playing my PS2 through component. The first few weeks I never hooked up the PS2, just played DVD's through the Panny and HD.

Anyone else seeing similar things with their LG?? I'm past the 30 day window to return. A service call to LG is next.

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How many hours on the set? I had an LG plasma, noticed what I initiatially thought was burn-in on the first day. The burn in took the shape of all the built in menus and looked like someone had left the menus on screen for months or years. Now it might have been from factory 24 burn test or something, but it quickly went away. Or it might have been persistence. Either way my point is after some hours of use this sensitivity seems to have vanished.
I have a lot of hours on the set, probably over 100. It was purchased on January 20th. I have actually found out how to reduce the amount of ghosting and dark blue that I'm seeing....just turn on the "Low Power" feature. That fixed it :) I guess I missed that. It all looks good now.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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