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Help locating NEC remotes.

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I am in need of a set of remotes for an NEC gp-5000. Help please.
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Not to be coy, but why bother ?The GP5000 is only rated at 600 lumens, and in a real world application, only puts out about half that(and yes, I've owned a couple of them, so I speak from experience...). They are VERY dim.

There is a Pronto file that will do most(if not all) of the GP functions, I think...

You can buy a used Pronto from the remote central classifieds just about any day of the week, or ebay. The file for the GP is posted at remote central's site too. I won't bother with a link in case it gets censored, the site is easy to find.

You could also try hammerhead tech, they *might* have a factory one.

You only *need* the service remote, it has all the functions.
IIRC they are know for having power supply problems and the power supplies are not repairable and few replacements exist. Check


under the FAQ section.
RoBro might have a PSU mod for the GP5000 iirc.
why?? I put in a low ball bid on two of these monsters on ebay, unfortunately won both of them. they work. i have tried the pronto thing with ccf download, too difficult for a noob with no crt experience. this is an entry level thing for me, two projectors for a little over 200 bucks- that such a bad thing? If the power supply fail i can just gut these things and rent them out to dwarfs or illegal aliens to live in. :eek:
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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