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Help!!! Location. Location. Location. For speakers and pre/amp!!

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I heard from a friend that an AMP needs to be close to the front speakers to get optimal sound. However, I see that a lot of home theaters tend to locate their A/V equipment at the back of the room.

Where should I place my A/V equipment in relation to my front speakers?

If the A/V gear is placed in the rear , will the types of speaker connector make a difference in the sound quality?

My equipment:

Proceed AVP , AMP5

Aerial Accoustics 7B, CC3

Sony 7000

CI scaler(on order)

G10 D-ILA projector(on order)

Room Dimension

12 x 24

Frnt Speakers located on 12 ft wall.

[This message has been edited by Alberts (edited August 07, 2000).]

[This message has been edited by Alberts (edited August 07, 2000).]
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Hi Allen,

Currently, I dod not use balanced interconnects. The AVP and AMP5 are capable of supporting balanced interconnects. I have Nordost SPM (1 meter) running between the AVP & AMP5. I use DH-LAB silver sonics speaker cables(12 ft) for the front speakers along the 12 foot front wall. I have not purchased rear Speaker/cables at this time. Obviously, If I were to run a long strain of interconnect it would be very prohibitive(SPMs). I would certianly have to switch to a more cost effective brand for interconnects.

Thanks for your input...Albert

"This way, you could also buy shorter speaker cables, and probably do well selling your longer pair. You could then go with either the Red Dawn speaker cable in a shorter lenght, or any cable that you prefer."


Thanks for your response. I guess, one could locate all of the major components at the front of viewing(projection screen) area for the best results. Right? Or at the minimum, locate the Amp up front and the rest of the AV equipement toward the rear.



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