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Help logging into server!

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-I had posted this on another forum, but maybe I can get an answer here, as I need to be able to login to the server asap.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I have 4 computers that are networked together using XP and Vista. On one of the computers (B), when I try and log into computer (A) thru My Network Places, I get a message that it is inaccessible, then Login Failure: Account currently disabled.

I think I know what the problem is, since it happens from another computer (C) as well, what seems to happen is that computer (A) has a account name and password, so from computer (C) , I first have to open Network Properties, locate the icon for computer (A), double click on it, then a box comes up to put in the account name and password. After I do I can access computer (A) from (C).

Unfortuneately when I try this from computer (B), I can not get it to open the password screen.

What am I doing wrong, and how can I remove the necesity to even enter the name and password for that computer.
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Assuming security is not an issue, make sure all of your machines are in the same workgroup, then create a local admin user account on each machine and use the same username and password for each.

Thank you very much! That seems to have solved the problem. Someone has to explain to me why they need to have the same user acct name and password.

My problem now is that if any of the machine reboot, they will not be able to access files until I log on to each other computer on the network.
You are welcome.

When you connect from one machine to another, you do so with a user account. If you try to connect to a machine without a local account that matches yours, Windows tries to use the Guest account...and usually fails. That's why you need the same account to exist on all machines.

About reboots and logins....no problem. You don't have to be logged on the remote machine...it just needs to be powered up.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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