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Let me first start out saying that I'm 15 (almost 16) years old so cost is a major factor to my purchase. It is possible that my whole family can sum together money to get one as I am trying to replicate (a note quite as good version) the home theater my dad has in the family room. I am doing this because we have recently decided to clean out the basement, replace the flooring, paint the walls, cover the beam exposed ceiling, etc. and my parents said I could crash down there sometimes and use it almost like a second room in a sense.

I am considering getting a DLP, LCD, or Plasma so I want to see what my options are in the LCD department first because it's where I am the most unfamiliar. The TV I use now in the family room is a 67" Samsung DLP which I have grown quite attached to so I don't want to get anything that is extremely far away from that.


As I said I care a lot about price. I of course want to find the cheapest TV that isn't crap and meets the below criteria. I was hoping to spend around $700 (lower if possible, which would be amazing) but absolutely, no way in hell, more than $1000.


Like I said the TV I use now is 67" which I am quite used so I would like a larger TV. Now the possible areas in the basement where this would all go are all small enough that the sitting distance will be decently closer to the TV than it is on the current one so it does not have to be that large. I am hoping for at least 50".


In terms of sound, the devices will be plugged into a reviver so I am not worried about that. But I do have a decent amount of devices so video ports are the main concern. I know I need at least 2-3 HDMI and 2-3 Component, and preferably 2-3 standard AV (yellow, with red and white for sound, RCA) ports, though not required.

Other Important features

I mainly use TV's for console gaming so this section has some importance.

I of course care about the contrast ratio but don't need any extremes and is one of my least concerns. I am somewhat sensitive to motion blur so I need good response times. Hopefully somthing like 4ms and 120hz (or even 240hz if possible
) but no more than 6ms (though I'm not sure about how the combo of response time and hz affect motion blur so what ever is good but doesn't have to be amazing).
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