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I have a Hitachi p50H401 and yesterday we had a near lightning strike and tv was on.

No Sync signal displayed on screen

I connected tv direct to comecast coax cable and put input to cable and can get reg. cable channels.

The other inputs work fine (input 1,2,3 composite)

only input not working is the HDMI's (1,2, and front)

took cable box to Comcast for exchange and got new

model 4250hdc

new hdmi cable

same problem with new cable box

Has anyone had or seen this problem

I can do electronic board replacement if that what it is but no circuit testing

cant find any info or where anyone has delt with this online or part numbers

warranty has run out

thought I would try this forum to get some help

dont want to take it to repair shop after every storm

thanks for any tech help. Rob

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Update.................................Well it happened again this summer and not under warranty this time

Whats the best way to protect your tv.


Lightning got the JA08215 Digital Video Board (main hdmi board)

and Hitachi X480414 DW3U SD PWB (front hdmi board)

now I run and unplug tv at every storm and forcast

this is nuts, thought you all would like to know


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Assuming your house is not being directly hit by lightning, the best defense would be a whole-house surge protective system. Every potential path a surge could take into the house needs to be protected: AC, phone, cable, OTA, satellite, etc.
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