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I purchased a Magnavox H2160 for my dad for Christmas. My daughter (who is tech savvy) hooked it up to my dads TV w/Charter Cable (older TV, but has A/V slots). She couldn't get it to go into the Initial Setup.

I took it home and hooked it up to my TV w/DirecTV (really old TV with only one coax 'hole'). Again, I can't get to the 'Initial Setup' screen. I must have hooked something up right, because my DirecTV still works. I tried adding the RF modulator (do I need to?) but then my DirecTV didn't work.

I have a newer digital TV w/A/V slots in the front. I have a DirecTV DVR and a DVD player hooked up using the front A/V slots. I don't want to try to hook the DVDR to it because if I screw it up, I don't want to be without it.

Are we missing something simple or could the unit be defective? If it would help, I could take a pic of how I hooked it up. I know I'm asking a lot, but I don't want to take it back unless I absolutely have to.

Just so you know, I researched these units before I purchased, and I also found this forum and read the sticky (very detailed post that I'm not allowed to add the url to because I'm new here) before I came here. Thanks.
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