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Help making Liteon 166S loader mod for Momitsu V880

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I've had this drive a while and today decided to make the loader mod. I thought the first thing I had to do (besides flashing firmware and making region free and varifying, which I did do) was take the face plate off the Liteon loader. I tried to do that and may have screwed up the drive.

First off, I see no way of getting that face plate off. At present, the tray will not extend more than 3/4 inch and won't quite go all the way in. IOW, the drive will not work. What am I missing? Is there a way I can make this loader work or do I have to junk it? Thanks for any help. :confused:
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I replaced the loader in my Bravo D1 with the same Liteon loader last year. I'm sorry but, since it was a long time ago, I cannot remember the exact procedure for removing the face plate. The link below has the general procedure of loader replacement for the Bravo. You might want to look through it. You might find some useful facts since the Bravo and Momitsu are supposed to be quite similar in design and operation.

Loader Replacement Process

Good Luck.
Like I said, I see no way of getting the faceplate off the Liteon 166S. I could get it off if I cut it off, but nobody said to do that, so I figure that's not the thing to do. I have the one with the black faceplate. The front of the retractable loading pan is bigger than the hole in the faceplate, so there's just no getting the faceplate off without either totally removing the tray (don't think you do that!) or cutting the faceplate. Can't believe people have been doing that.

Wasn't aware of anything breaking while I tried to get the face plate back from the unit, but maybe something did break. The tray will just not go out more than 3/4 inch and won't go all the way in (the last 1/8 inch). I since took off the bottom and top and can see no remedy. May have to chuck this thing. Don't even know what I did wrong. Help? TIA.

Edit: Well, I've managed to get the faceplate and tray front plate off the Liteon, but the tray will still not extend more than 3/4 inch. Does anyone have a clue what to do? Thanks.

Edit 2: Voila! I forced the loader in that last 1/8 inch or so and it snapped into place! Put the top and bottom back on, plugged it into a power source, pressed the button, and it works. Guess I did pry something out of place in there. I think I will probably succeed in getting this thing working now....

Edit 3: Got the drive installed and all, but the bad news is all that jostling around trying to get the tray functioning again evidently put the laser out of alignment. That's my call on it because most movies won't play. I get the FBI warning, sometimes nothing. Only one movie seems to play out of about 5 that I've tried: Life of Brian. I'll either live with the stock loader, or more likely order another Liteon. I know what to do this time. My advice is this: Have the Liteon tray extended before attempting to remove the tray extension and faceplate. To quote a source: "Open the disk tray of the Liteon and remove both the front plate of the unit and the front plate of the disk tray. The front plate of the disk tray just slides off. "
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It turns out that the drive is OK... maybe. It wasn't flashed region free. I thought it was but I had done this to my Liteon CDRW, not the DVD player! So, now it works. Got a freeze in the first movie I watched, though, not a good sign (Jaws).
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