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HELP ME!!! Audio Stutter on SBLive!

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I am having really bad stutter, it does not affect the image so much, but the audio drop is REALLY annoying me, so i was wondering if anyone knew of a cure.

I'm using a abit KT7-RAID with a 1.1ghz TBird, 512mb of 133, 40GB maxtor UDMA100 on IDE1, and a pioneer DVD104s as master on IDE2. Audio is the AC3/DTS SP/DIF passthru on a SBLive! 5.1, gfx is Voodoo 5 5500AGP, 3com NIC... thats it.

basically, i'm having the stutter every second for 2/10th of a second, or somtimes once every 5seconds for 2/10th of a second, it varies, this is really annoying!

suggestions for a cure would be nice :)

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Try moving the card, I hear sometimes that some of the PCI slots share interrupts with other PCI cards which may be causing your problem.

Also try searching on stutter or stuttering, lots and lots of posts on the problem. Let me know if you get it fixed.

The Friar.
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