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I am going to build out an HTPC system in the next few weeks. I'd like to hear any input you may have.

All of the info available is just overwhelming, so some actual direct experience would be much appreciated.


- Pioneer PDP-4350HD 43" Plasma HDTV

- Currently have Adelphia PVR, but will switch to DirecTV HD very soon....so not sure what the receiver will be but most likely Samsung H10S

- Modified X-Box


- Quiet. Have been looking at fanless systems.

- "A/V component look"

- Graphics card must handle latest PC games

- 802.11g wireless

- Prefer HDMI output: All video will run through Pioneer Media Receiver, then to TV

- Will most likely run all sound through PC (5.1, maybe 7.1)

- High quality speaker system for PC. Ideally would like wireless rear speakers. The room only has 2 walls, and both are outside walls. Cathedral ceiling. Wiring this room is a real pain.


- CD R/W


- Windoze XP Pro

Must be capable of the following:

- Record (including HDTV)

- Pause live TV, rewind/fast forward, forward skip a plus

- Search recorded TV

- Burn recorded TV to DVD

- Music library & playlists

- Burn music to CD

- Picture library & slideshows

- Launch games, email, web browser

- Record one show while watching another

- Parental lock a big plus (not required)

- Network access to recorded (live would be great also) TV from 3 other computers in the house

- Remote control: my wife's only requirement is that the system have 1 remote. This is vital ;)

I think that covers it. While I am looking for a very good system, I do not need top of the line, professional equipment. I can build a system, just have never done an HTPC. I do not mind fiddling to get things right during setup, but do not want to have to tweak the system constantly.
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