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Help me building my home theater plzzzz...

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Hi Gurus,

After reading so much of information in the forum and gathering basic knowledge about audio systems I have decided to create my own package for home theater system.

I will be utilizing my home theater for movies and music.

I was in CC few days back and got some ideas from there too ...Here is what I think:

Receiver: HK AVR235/AVR240

Front Floor standing speakers: Polk M20/M50

Sub: Polk PSW10BK

Center Channel: Polk CSM

Surround speakers: Polk M10

Now I need inputs, opinions about this whole package. Is the receiver good for future upgrades, Does it goes well with the speakers package I am choosing in terms of voice quality?

Any other options for receiver around $400?

Any other options for speaker package...(I prefer floor standing speakers)?

Any help is much appreciated ....:)
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Well..uh, the DIY area is for speaker/sub building.

So if you are interested in getting a lot of performance for your money, you could take that route.
Well, despite being probably the wrong place to be asking... That sub isn't worth much. :) In fact, there aren't many you'll find at the big box stores that are worth much.

Speakers, meh. They're not to my liking, but that's a preference thing.

The H/K receivers can be quite good though. I still use an AVR35 while I build the parts to my upgrade (amps, speakers, room).

both the athena as-p4000 and the dayton sub from partsexpress will outpreform that sub at the same price or probably a few bucks less.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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