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Good evening,

I've got some polk RC80i's wired up in several rooms in my house for multi-room music, along with a couple spots where I need to decide what speakers to install. I'm looking for a receiver that can do 3 different zones of volume control, needs to be controllable from a cell phone app. It also needs to be able to play Pandora and music from a networked drive.

The receiver doesn't need to be able to play 3 different sources to the 3 zones, just needs to do volume control and on/off on the zones. I'm pretty sure it needs to be relatively powerful to be able to run the multitude of speakers I need driven.

Also a dumb question.. how do I designate L and R channels when I'm hooking up the speakers to the receiver... is that somewhere in a menu?

Here are the zones -
Zone 1 - Kitchen/Dining/Foyer - 6 Polk RC80i's (3 L and 3 R)
Zone 2 - Bathroom - One stereo input speaker TBD, maybe a Polk RC6
Zone 3 - Patio - 2 outdoor speakers TBD (1 L and 1 R)

All of the speakers are 8 ohm impedance if that helps... Thanks!!!
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