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I'm clueless w/ a receiver, can someone help me choose one for me.

It's for my home theater, w/ Mitsubishi HC6000 projector run w/ HDMI 1.3 cable.

7.1 surround sound w/ Polk CSR for center channel, Polk R150 for surround and back channels, and Polk R50 for the front channel.

I'm thinking of Onkyo 705, but after I heard Denon receiver, Denon gave more clearer sound than Onkyo.

I'm thinking of spending $700 for a receiver.


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You're missing some details we'll need to help you.

The sound question is going to be more a personal preference thing. I might like Onkyo's sound better than Denon... Jane Doe might think the opposite.... while Bob Loblaw is thinking Both are trash..

The only way to know for sure is to listen to them in person with music or another source you know well enough to tell the differences between the components.

Beyond the subjective details like sound quality and physical appearance there are only the features that separate them...

Look at the features list of each model you are interested in and see which options are Do or die features....

Sometimes a missing feature you want will eliminate the other contender..

Finally when you've narrowed your list down. Use the search function above to locate the specific owners threads for each model.

Grab a drink...

And start scanning through the 50-100 pages of owner posts and try to determine what to common issues Owners have encountered..

Weigh the potential issues of each model with the issues the others posses and decide which Reciever is right for you!

Personally I need a Reciever That:

1080p Pass-though on HDMI

Recieves and plays Decoded PCM 5.1 as well as PCM 7.1 on HDMI

(Want) 7.1 Surround processing on Decoded 5.1 PCM though HDMI

LFE properly boosted by +10DB

(Want) Analog Video Upconversion to HDMI

(Want) OSD over HDMI

So far I've yet to find the reciever that does all of the above and doesn't come with a host of build quality/design flaw issues. Those that do fit all the criteria cost 1000$ or more.

Happy hunting... IMO picking a reciever is a harder choice than buying a car or an HDTV.
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