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Hey Fellas,

Is this the correct place to ask about LED TVs? If not, could a mod please move it to the correct forum. Thanks.

Budget- I would prefer to stay around $1,000 but I would go up to $1,500 or $2,000 if need be.

Seating Distance- I will most likely be sitting around 8-12 feet from the screen.

Size Limitation: I do not have any size limitations. I would like to get a 60 inch or preferably a 65 inch tv.

Uses and Sources: I mainly plan to console game on this TV with some Netflix and movies thrown in occasionally.

Room Lighting: The room generally varies between light and dark so I would say about average depending on if dimmed or not.

Other Factors: I do not care if the TV is smart or not. I also do not care if it supports 3D. I mainly want something that has great picture quality and works well for console gaming.

I have been looking at the Vizio E650i-A2 because I can get it at Walmart for exactly $1,000.

However, I am not sure if this is the best tv for my needs. Could someone more knowledgable please chime in and give their opinion.

Any suggestions are much appreciated.
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