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I'm very much a newbie to this, my last surround sound speakers was the "box o' surround sound" from Best Buy. I'm upgrading everything in my house. I happen to get a 60% discount on most Klipsch product, so I intend to go with them, but also because from my current research they have a great reputation. I have what is probably a fairly common situation, but need help on the perfect setup, maybe you can help.

Please suggest what speakers (and sub) I should get to meet my needs. And thank you in advance for your help! I figured this seems like the kind of thing many of you enjoy getting in on.

Budget: ~$1500 - $3000 (before my 60% discount)

Room (Biggest Constraint): Downstairs living room (ie, not very high ceilings 8-10ft). 46" LCD over fireplace. There are 4 connections for fronts and rears IN THE CEILING. The back of the room is open to the kitchen.

Little Kids: NO freestanding speakers (I know this makes it more challenging)

Other equipment: Sony STR-DA5300 ES receiver, Sharp 46" SE LCD, Sony PS3

Need: Primarily for movies and some ambient music listening.

I would really like to have a solution that allows me to just mount 4 speakers in/on the ceiling for the fronts and rears, but i'm not sure if this is just a poor choice. Is it just wrong to have the fronts on the ceiling? The center can go under the TV/over the mantle. One alternative i've been suggest is to go with 4 Klipsch CDT-5800-C for the front and rears. Does any one have real experience with the in-ceiling speakers? Also the fronts are actually spread pretty far to the left and right.
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