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Help me compare/pick Vizio VW42LF / VO42L Sony 40S4100 / 40V4100

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Sorry in advance for the long post. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post prices so I used a variable X for the base price and did X+Y to represent the price.

If it is allowed X = 800, if not, someone remove this line please.

I'm comparing:

Vizio VW42LF X+50 Walmart

Vizio VO42LF was X but now unavailable

Sony 40S4100 X Walmart

Sony 40V4100 X+200 Best Buy

Sony 40V4150 X+300 Costco

If you don't feel like reading my whole post just stop here and tell me your thoughts on these 4 TV's my biggest concern is picture quality including how well they refresh so I don't get ghosting. So now on to my long winded rambling.

Ok I had originally been looking at the Vizio VO42L at Costco for X + 150 dollars but I decided to wait for boxing day to see if I could find any good deals. It turned out the V042L ended up on sale for X but I was out of town where there wasn't any Costco's and the local walmart where I was had ZERO big TV's left for sale on boxing day (small town where my wife grew up) Anyways I asked my dad to pick one up for me while I was gone but the costco he went to didn't sell them and he wouldn't go to the other Costco that did have some because he hates boxing day
So after all the research I had done picking the VO42L I can't get it now cause they are all sold out and from what Costco is telling me they are not getting anymore as I think it has been discontinued. So basically I'm using the V042L as my benchmark.

Ok so I went to a Walmart in the city here and picked up the Sony Bravia KDL-40S4100 for X and the Vizio VW42LF for X + 50 as they both seemed like a good deal in store. I actually thought the VW might have just been a VO with a different scu for Walmart only but apparently Its an older model, which I had forgotten even though I did read one quote about it here on AVS, I had forgotten. Anyways moving on, here is the differences I've found betweeen the two Vizio models:

VW41LF vs VO42L

6.5ms vs 5ms (little worried about this one, as I intend to game on my TV at some point and ghosting was the biggest problem I saw with my friends old lcd TV and it annoyed the hell out of me)

3hdmi vs 4hdmi (I don't care about this)

2x10w vs 2x12w speakers (I won't care about this when I eventually get a good speaker system, but for now it does matter abit)

Stuff VO has VW does not:

Picture-in-Picture (PIP)

Picture-outside-Picture (POP)

Zoom (not sure on this one)

Freeze (don't even know what this is... pause the screen???)

Zero Bright Pixel Defects Guaranteed: Yes (This matters, but hopefully I will be able to catch any before the 1 month return is up)

Stuff the VW has the VO does not:

Wall mountable (Not sure on this one but the VW is mountable and I don't think the VO is correct me if i'm wrong I'm going off some spec sheets I found. This is a feature I might enjoy, but is not a deal breaker)

As for the Sony's models the V4100 and S4100 the s4100 is in my price range the v4100 is above it. The biggest thing I heard was the V uses bravia 2 and I hear it looks way better. I also think it has good speakers, not sure on the S series speakers. I'm pretty sure the V4150 is just the V4100 but rebranded for Costco so no need to compare them really.

What I will be using the TV for:

-Blue ray movies on Samsung BD-P1500. This is where I want the best quality so 1080/24p video quality is my major need.

-DVD movies on Samsung BD-P1500 (Depending on the TV I get not sure If I would use the upscaling on the samsung or the TV, whichever is better I guess so Upscaling quality on the TV only matters if they are better then the Samsung)

-Gaming possibly, have no consoles more recent then my ps2 and I haven't played that in ages, but I may eventually pick up a 360 or ps3. The most likely gaming would be if I hooked it up to my computer

-Using as a pc monitor on occasion via either vga, or hdmi if I can find a dvi to hdmi converter for my video card. Mostly to watch high definition TV shows I download.

-Watching some cable TV perhaps, I read somewhere that some people can get digital cable even though they are not signed up if they have a tuner, so a built in TV tuner in the TV would be nice for that. I'm not sure which ones have it and which don't of the ones I've mentioned. Right now I just have regular cable, so if that looked ok it would be a bonus.

Return policies Walmart 30 days, BB 14days, Costco 90 days. So I'm looking to buy from Costco if I go for the V series despite the extra $100 because I'm betting the price will go down within the 90 days to make it equal or cheaper then BB and if I find I'm unhappy with it I can return it.

So how do the S4100 and the VW42LF compare in picture quality, refresh rate and to a lesser degree sound and anything else you can think of. And how does the V4100 compare to them and is it worth the extra scratch over and beyond my wife approved budget. Ie I'm going to be in **** if I buy it so it better be worth it...

I had originally had the VO42L picked as my first choice even at full price X+150 before all the boxing day sales as I knew there were alot of them at the Costco I went to and didn't realize they were going to go on sale and be cleared out and out of production. Perhaps to be replaced by a new model at a similar price, which would make buying at costco great because if that happened in the 90 days I would just return the TV if nescessary and trade it in for the new Vizio. So anyways what do you guys think, any thoughts? Should I keep the s4100 or the VW42LF or should I return them both and get the V4150 from costco, or am I missing a model that I should be considering in the sub $1000 Cdn price range??
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Please help me out. Anyone got any suggestions/opinions. Wife wants to go snowboarding for the week, but I don't want to leave till I buy my TV and test it out a bit. I'd really like to have my TV today and not have to wait any more.
Nobody has any opinion on any of the models at all?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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