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Hey guys, I am having some trouble deciding with motherboard to use for my HTPC. I have a Core i5 650 and 4GB of G. Skill ECO RAM that I intend on using. That being said, I already own a ASUS Maximus III GENE , and an ASUS P7H55D-M EVO . I listed the H55 board in the FS section, but I haven't had much interested yet (it's only been a day though). The P55 board is a brand new replacement that I sent out for RMA.

Whatever board I choose will be going in an mATX HTPC enclosure that I already have and it will be connected to an Antec 380D power supply. This PC is probably going to be used 60% of the time for watching live and recorded TV, 25% of the time for listening to my music collection, and 15% of the time for watching blu-ray movies. I don't play any games, but if when I upgrade to a large screen TV I would like the ability to play games like Street Fighter IV, DIRT, GRID, etc. at 1920x1080.

I was considering the MSI H57M-ED65 so that I could use the Intel integrated graphics, but I am not sure if it is powerful enough for some light gaming. If I use a graphics card, I will need a motherboard with a PCI-Ex16 slot in the first slot because of the way my case is made.

If you were me, what would you do?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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