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Thank you for reading this and helping if you have time!!

Ok, so I have been going round and round on this. I've researched and researched but the problem is not all TVS are reviewed by the same sources. so then you have to weigh the accuracy of each source

I bought to try out the Panasonic TC-P65S60 Plasma. And it looks VERY good. I don't know though, in the store others looked a lot better. in my house it looks WAY better than in Costco. I can't belive how bright it is in there. Never realized JUST how much until seeing this TV in there and in my lit home.

Anyway, Some fo the Vizios and Samsungs looked REALLY good. I know the Panny is supposed to have really good blacks, but in the store, many others looked as good or better. So it's hard to know. In the store this panny seemed dark and flat and the blacks were not that impressive.

I've considered the units below and would LOVE to hear some opinions of if ALL of these were in your budget and you had to pick ONE what would it be?

I like, 1) Watching movies and enjoying the picture. I'm a professional photographer so I appreciate GOOD rich tones and deep blacks glean whites and smooth gradients. I am ignorant to which TVS offer the best of these features though.

2) Play games a bit and watch sports. So the plasma is very smooth compared to older LCDs I've seen. On some, the hockey puck SKIPS around. VERY annoying to me. I know some are better than others and technology always is improving, so if with some of these that will not be an issue I would be fine with not going with plasma.

I've looked at

Sharp LC-70c6500U


Vizio E650I-a2


Vizio E701I A3


Samsung UN65F6300 series


Vizio M701D A3


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Unfortunately, you can't tell much in a store, for too many reasons to list.

You can, however, make the best of whatever you have by calibrating:

At the very least, use the calibration routine offered on several discs (I noticed "Maximizer" on "Monsters University," for example).

I agree that bigger is better.

Good luck.
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