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which tv to keep

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Help me decide which plasma to keep

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I have a th42pz77u that i got last year for $20 and it had 7 blinks so I disconnected a bad FET on SC board did update and been fine ever since.

2 months ago I got another th42pz77u for $20 had 10 blinks so I bypassed a blown fuse and boom it works.I decided to keep it as a spare since it had no stand.

yesterday got another $20 10 blinks th42pz77u fixed same as second one.

I only want to keep one of the spares here's the info on each

+3,000 hours
+seems to run cooler
+brighter whites
+no dead pixels

-frame beatup from laying flat in my work car
-when I first turned it on there was a half screen vertical 1 inch bar that went away after I removed cover pushed connectors and it never came back
-lighter blacks

+very clean taken care of
+better blacks
+no issues

-13,000 hours
-seems dimmer than other one bumped contrast 3 notches gets close but whites look slightly duller.
-2.5 dead pixels (one flickers)

which one is a keeper? plasma is dead so in a few years they'll be dead or dying....


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not to sound super dumb but how did you get the runtime info?
I would keep neither and take them to either the junk yard or the local Goodwill. You can still buy a brand new plasma today, for a bargain if you look around. Even the lower end LG's will be much better than those two you have.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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