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Well first off I watch everything on the projector, the only other screens are the laptop and my back up 20" tv that sets in the garage until I need it. Like the last time my lamp blew. I watch mostly tv & sports and then movies(which is a lot of all of them but most peoples standards) Currently I now have a 4 year old dlp.

Was looking at the w6000, ae3000 and 6500ub. And like I said earlier want to go big 140"-150" Can be mounted from 16'-22'. Like the shorter throw of the lcd but all I've watched is dlp. I have seen lcd's at the HT stores, looked good imo.

I am very interested in FI since I watch lots of sports and that fact that I can turn it off for movies if I don't like it.

So far the two lcd's seem good because they have the FI and the better placement options, leaning toward the 6500 since its brighter.

But the w6000 has more than a enough lumes to go even bigger.

So I'm back and forth amd need a little help.

Which do you guys think is the best choice for me?

thanks Thain
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