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help me find the receiver I am looking for..

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i need a receiver with toslink optical + coaxil + rca inputs for most if not all inputs..

as well as s-video + component video for all video sources.....

for outputs... i need dual component video out... and s-video outputs..

for audio out, it should be 7.1.

aswell.. it should be able to pack a good punch..... and be a good value.... is there any items on the market that meet these needs? or atleast close to what i need?

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Haven't seen one with 2 component outs, the Denon 3805 has 1 comp out, 3 S-video out, 2 composite out. Are you using a TV and a screen?
Oops, the Denon 5805 has 2 component outs, but may not fit your "good value" criteria ($6000 msrp).
receivers with dual component out will be alot more expensive then one with a single component out. it might be wiser to just get a single component out receiver and get a component video splitter/amplifier. if you want to go this route, i recommend either the yamaha htr-5760 (s-video upconversion) or htr-5790 (component upconversion).
where do you find splitters? are there any cheap ones that do a great job?
 here is a 4 way component splitter/amplifier for $120.
You can get a component switcher with optical connections within the same unit for $99.00 at best buy.Also the yamaha htr 5790 has 2 component ins and upconversion from composite and svideo to component.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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