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Help me fix my DVArchive mistake!

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I posted this over on MacReplay and haven't received a comment. I'm hoping someone over here can help!

I have been collecting "The West Wing" reruns from Bravo on my 5040. I've been moving them from the 5040 to my Mac's hard drive because drive space is so limited on the 5040.

Once in DVArchive, renamed the EPISODE title so I can keep the episodes in their proper order (according to tvtome.com). Once I get a chance I intend to start watching them, in the proper order.

Or so I thought, until I read that ANY change to the file once it's been moved into DVArchive renders it unplayable on the Replay.

:eek: ARGH!

Sure enough...the few episodes I've tried won't stream back to the Replay now. When I try to play them, the Replay will go to the "Please Wait..." dialog, then the whole screen goes blank and I have to reboot the Replay. Episodes that I haven't renamed seem to stream fine.

So here's my question: What can I do to restore the playability (streamability?) of the 20-some episodes I have renamed????

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OK, naturally as soon as I post something I learn more about the problem. :D

Apparently renaming the Episode title wasn't the problem. The problem is stopping a streamed show from my Mac's DVArchive and then trying another show.

I was asking Replay to play a show from the Mac's DVArchive, watch a few seconds of it, then I pressed STOP and selected another episode to see if it would play. In this instance, the 2nd episode will always lock up the Replay and cause a reboot, even if it has never been renamed.

Is there a timeout I should wait for after stopping a show before playing another?

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Brian, please check your PM's. Thanks.

Originally posted by jrgreenman
Known issue. See this thread:

Thank you thank you thank you!

Glad to discover it's a "known issue" and that there is a simple workaround. I'd noticed that DVArchive was still showing that it was streaming a show after I'd stopped it, but didn't know what to do about it.

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