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So I've got the pretty typical home entertainment center with TV, Receiver, Cable Box, Blu Ray, and HTPC. Currently, it takes a little effort to change video sources. First, you've got to toggle through the TV inputs. Next, you've got to use a different remote to change the audio input (because my crappy "universal" cable box remote doesn't suuport all function of my Denon receiver.) It's no problem for me, but for the less technically inclined, good luck.

Ideally, putting aside the HTPC navigation (wireless keyboard for that), I'd like a remote where you just press 1 button for whatever video source you want, and the remote does the rest: turns on the equipment and selects the correct TV and receiver inputs. Is that even possible? The problem I forsee is how would you go about programming a remote to automatically select the right TV video input? I've got a Samsung plasma pn64d7000, and I think the only way to change inputs is to manually toggle through them.

And ideas? Remote suggestions?

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In spite of your current experience, your cable remote most likely can perform every possible function of your Denon as well as all discrete input commands for your TV without toggling through. It can also do all the macros you need. If you post the model of the remote, I can give you all the individual function codes you are currently missing. I'll also need the exact model number of that Denon.

If you are not interested in that approach, then any harmony will do, as will just about any universal remote capable of macros. You can use your cable remote to teach any other remote the required discrete codes.

I've done everything you've described and much more with a $3 cable tv remote from ebay. Programming is quite easy. Just assign the function codes to some buttons and use those buttons in your macros. Harmony is even easier. You can also program that cable remote from a PC if you get an interface cable.

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Wow, thanks. I'll PM you all the details over the lunch hour.

I had no idea there were "discrete input commands" to do things like select a certain HDMI input on the TV, but if I could assign each video input (plus power on, plus audio input, plus control) to 1 button, that would be amazing. Way easier than doing all this separately.

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Would rather keep it in the thread so others can benefit. I post thousands of codes, and it's best if they are available to all.

First step is that remote model number so we can confirm this approach is even possible. Most cable remotes can do it, but some can't.

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Good idea. Here are the model numbers for devices and corresponding remotes:

- TV: Samsung pn64d7000; AA59-00442A

- Cable Box: Cisco Explorer 8640HDC; UR5U-8780L-TWM

- Blu-Ray: Panasonic DMP-BDT210; IR6

- Receiver: Denon AVR-2800; RC-865

Ideally, I'd like to assign one button to each device, so that with the press of one button, the remote sends all commands necessary to set up the system for that source. Each button would do the following:

Cable (Button 1)

- Power On* TV

- Power On Cable Box

- Power On Receiver

- Select HDMI Input 1 on TV

- Select Receiver Input "TV/DBS"

- Assign channel/menu control to Cable Box

- Assign volume control to Receiver

Blu Ray (Button 2)

- Power On* TV

- Power On Blu Ray

- Power On Receiver

- Select HDMI Input 2 on TV

- Select Receiver Input "VDP"

- Assign volume control to Receiver

- Assign all other controls to Blu Ray

HTPC (Button 3)

- Power On TV (only power on, can't just be typical power on/off, because toggling between devices would turn things off if they were already on)

- Power On Receiver

- Select HDMI Input 3 on TV

- Select Receiver Input "DVD"

- Assign volume control to Receiver

Receiver (Button 4)

- Power On Receiver

- Assign all controls to Receiver

System Off (Button 5)

- Power Off TV

- Power Off Cable Box

- Power Off Blu Ray

- Power Off Receiver

* For all "Power On" commands, it has to be only On - not on/off. Otherwise, a device that is already on would turn off when I try to switch to it. Is this possible?

Now, I'm assuming my cable box remote can't do all this
, but could I do it with a more expensive universal remote? Your help is greatly appreciated!

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Thanks for the info. Unfortunately that model cable remote is a dead end. The $8 RCA RCRP05BR can do all that you ask with some manual programming or by using a JP1 cable. Just about any other more expensive universal can too, like the harmony 600/650/700 or most any URC. If you go the latter route, you don't need any codes. If you get the RCA, then here are some EFC (Advanced) codes:
[CODE]Samsung TV setup code 0812
DiscreteOn      00001
DiscreteOff     00253
Smart Hub       00009
InputTV 00251
InputHdmi1      00081
InputHdmi2      00030
InputHdmi3      00175
InputHdmi4      00176
InputAv1        00188
Component       00190
Input PC        00073
InputAv2        00083

Panasonic Bluray DVD setup code 0490
Discrete ON     00022
Discrete OFF    00026

Cisco cable is probably CBL setup code 1877. If it doesn't work, post back because I'm not 100% certain about that model.
No discrete power commands exist for cable boxes, so I suggest you simply leave it on and don't include it in your macros except for channel lock and volume punch thru purposes

Denon AUD setup code 1360
tuner channel up        33873
tuner channel down      33937
power toggle    01977
discrete on     01981
discrete off    01917
On Screen Display       01985
Status/Panel    01857
Panel Light Dimmer      33985
up arrow        34047
down arrow      33823
left arrow      33988
right arrow     01921
System setup    33855
channel select/menu/enter       01853
channel select  33999
ch volume -     33975
ch volume +     33847
Test Tone       01901
Direct  33859
Stereo  02013
Stereo  33923
Dolby Surround/DTS      01821
THX     34027
5/7CH St        33839
DSP Simulation/surround mode    01885
surround        33983
Sim Stereo      01949
Ext In  33943
+10/3CH Logic   02029
Input Mode      33879
Multi Zone      02017
Cinema EQ on/off        01937
analog/digital  33879
Analog  01793
audio select    33807
Video Rec Out   01889
video select    33935
video select    01825
1. DVD  02045
2. VDP  01897
3. Tuner        01945
4. TV/DBS       01961
5. Tape2/Mon    02033
6. Phono        02041
7. VCR1 01929
8. CD   01817
9. MD/Tape1     01905
10. VCR2        01865
V. Aux  01801
VDP 2   02025
VCR 3   01993
DBS/BS  01833
Aux     01881
DAT/Tape Mon    01969
DAT/Tape 3      01809
tv/m    34019
phono/m 33995
vcr/m   33811
dvd/m   33863
cd/m    33843
vdp/m   33907
tuner/m 33971
vaux/m  34035
tape/m  33795
vcr2/m  33955
tape2/m 33939
output  33951
Speaker 01933
Speaker A on/off        01869
Speaker B on/off        01997
Center Speaker on/off   01805
Tuner Memory    33801
Tuner Band      34001
Tuner Up        33953
Tune Up 01829
Tune Down       02005
Tuner Down      33889
Tuner Mode      33825
Shift   33929
Rear Level Up   02037
Rear Level Down 01813
Center Up       01941
Center Down     01877
Delay Time Up   01965
Delay Time Down 01837

That should cover everything you want to do. Assigning these codes, writing macros and setting volume punch thru is covered in my Wiki link under manual 9xx programming instructions.

If you go with harmony, check out 600 or 650 refurbs at TigerDirect, Newegg and elsewhere. Logitech even sells them from time to time. Those are usually very good and quite cheap.

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Fantastic information. Thank you. I might splurge a little on a harmony remote just to keep things simple. Fathers Day is right around the corner....
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