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Help me in my Panasonic AG-HMC 151????a problem???

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I want to know if there is an option in my AG_HMC 151 that controlls the sound automatically , because sometime while i am filming i found that i have to controll the audio levels manually so that both channals at the same level and i face a lot of trouble specially when sound gets high and then gets low ?

Is there any option in my camcorder that controlls the audio level automatically like sony camcorders?

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AFAIK, there is a limiter, which means that you can set a desired level, but the limiter will prevent too loud audio from clipping. There is no full automatic audio gain control on this camera, so it will not raise level for extremely quiet sound. Which is a good thing.

Consult the operation instructions.

where can i find the limiter in my AG-HMC 151

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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