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Help Me Layout My Primary Seating in My Theater Room

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This is my first thread on AVS.


I wanted to share my future layout in our theater room/ open rec room.  (I debated dedicated vs. open, and decided that open is better for our lifestyle.)


The room is intended to be 50/50 theater, and 2 channel listening.  My current equipment is B&W 800 series speakers, JL Fathom sub for 2 channel, Earthquake Supernova 15" sub for home theater, Onkyo processor, Mcintosh amplification and Mcintosh preamp for 2 channel.  The basement isn't finished yet, but I'm setup down there to get a feel for how it will sound.


My dilemma is where to locate my main seating position in order to maximize the audio (which will determine my screen size).

My current layout contemplates the main seating will be around 14' from the front wall. The room is 28' long, and the width is approx 15' 9" (though technically it opens up to the left to nearly 30'. I know placing the main seat in the middle of the room usually isn't a good idea due to room interaction. Since my theater is more of an open layout i'm definitely 1/2 way into the room front to back, but if i consider the open area to my left (except the stairs) I'm only around 1/3 into the room side to side.


According to JL Audio, the best place for bass is 2/3 into the room (assuming a rectangle room) which would be over 18' from the front wall (which would require a LARGE screen, and make 3 rows pretty tough).


My question is, is being 1/2 way into the room a huge no-no in my case with the open area to the left? I can see if I had a dedicated room, at 28'x15' that sitting at 14' would be problematic. I'm just not sure if in my case it's as big a deal. I realize pressurizing such a big space is a challenge, I plan to have 3 or so subs for my home theater, and two for music.


Please chime in with your thoughts.


2D view:  


See the room below:









3D view:




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